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Date: 8th May 2017
The History of the Mighty Murray River




Many Adelaide day tours include a relaxing boat ride along the Murray River – a magnificent body of water that flows all the way from the Kosciusko National Park in New South Wales and through the state of Victoria before finally draining into the ocean at Lake Alexandrina in South Australia. If you’re planning a day trip in Adelaide, be sure to explore this beautiful river and enjoy the many activities it offers.










One of Australia’s Oldest Attractions








The Murray River was formed as a result of geophysical uplifting some 40 million years ago and measures in at a lengthy 2,520 kilometres, making it the 16th-longest river in the world. It is fed by a number of rivers as it snakes its way across the rugged Australian landscape, with the main ones being the Darling and Murrumbidgee Rivers.










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The Murray River system has been integral to the way of life for Aboriginal people for thousands of years, with many groups including the Goodwarra, Moorundie, Ingalta, Parrian-kaperre, Tongwillum and Yoorlooarra relying on it for a source of food and water. In 1824, the Murray River was discovered by European explorers Hamilton H. Hume and William H. Hovell. After the arrival of European explorers, paddlesteamers used the river to transport a variety of goods, including wool and wheat. Nowadays, the remaining paddlesteamers found on the Murray River are a major tourist attraction, with Adelaide day tours on paddlesteamers a popular activity for visitors.









Wildlife on the Murray River








The Murray River is not only rich in heritage and history – it is also a beautiful natural wonder that sustains a wide variety of Australian wildlife. Fishing is a popular pastime in all the states that the river winds through, and lucky travellers enjoying a day trip in Adelaide can expect to see an abundance of birdlife and possibly encounter Western Grey kangaroos, red-rumped parrots, black swans, pelicans, koalas, and other fascinating native animals that live in and around the river.